Is Keith Lemon married?


Keith Lemon is a fictional TV personality that is played by Leigh Francis. There is no available information that suggests or indicates that the character is married or ever has been. The character is known for his Yorkshire accent, fake tan and ginger moustache. Leigh Francis, who portrays the character, is married to a woman known as Jill Carter who works as a beauty therapist. Francis is an impressionist from England.
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no he is not married at all.
Keith Lemon is a comedy character created and performed by. Leigh Francis. As well as appearing in his own popular show the character has taken a life of it's own and can be seen
Keith Lemon is a character in the Bo' Selecta! franchise. He is portrayed by Leigh Francis.
Leigh Francis is his real name. He is married to Jill Carter (2003-present) report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at 09:09AM GMT. Source: Collections
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