Is Kelly Monaco pregnant?


Kelly Monaco was born on May 23, 1976 in Philadelphia, PA and is an actress and model. She was the season 1 winner on the reality TV show, Dancing With The Stars and was on General Hospital. She has four sisters, Christine, Marissa, Camina, and Amber. Kelly is the middle child. She started her career in modeling for Playboy and was the playmate of the month for April 1997. There is speculation that she is pregnant but that has not been confirmed or denied as of May 2013.
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Kelly Monaco is an American model, actress, reality television contestant and winner of Dancing with the Stars in Season 1. Since 2003, she has played the character of Sam McCall
Kelly Marie Monaco, born 23-May-1976 in Philadelphia, PA acts on General Hospital as Samantha
23 May 1976 , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Kelly Monaco for sure,I watch her on GH all the time =
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