Is Kelly Ripa Anorexic?


Kelly Ripa has never said that she has been diagnosed with anorexia. She does work out five times a week and has a muscular, albeit very thin, body. Kelly has claimed to have struggled with maintaining her weight all throughout her life.
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Kelly Ripa is 40 years old (birthdate: October 2, 1970)
Kelly Ripa has a tattoo of a rose and heart with a black ribbon like banner on the
Kelly Ripa's race/ethnicity is 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Irish. She was born on Oct 2, 1970, Stratford, NJ, USA. She's an American tv host (Live with Regis and Kelly) report this answer
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Kelly Ripa's weight is usually around 110 pounds. Kelly Ripa is known for her allegiance to various workout routines and the amount of effort she expends in order ...
Kelly Ripa secretly married Mark Consuelos in 1996. Although the health of the Ripa and Consuelos' marriage is often questioned, the couple remains married ...
Kelly Ripa, television actress and show host does not weigh very much. She is both short and skinny, most likely she weighs 100 lbs or less. ...
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