Is Kevin Eubanks Married?


Kevin Eubanks is well known for being the guitarist and leader of The Tonight Show Band from 1995-2010. There is no information that says whether he is or isn't married, but it has been rumored that he is gay.
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Kevin Bacon is married to actress Kyra Sedgwick. They have been married since September 4, 1988 and they have two children together one boy and one girl.
Kevin Eubanks was born on November 15, 1957 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is 51
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Kevin Eubanks is known for his appearance in the Tonight Show Band, for the Tonight show hosted by Jay Leno. He earns at least $20 million annually. ...
There has been no mention of Kevin Eubanks having a disability. Though other have wondered the same due to his always sitting down while playing. ...
Kevin Eubanks left the Tonight Show. It was rumored that he did this so that he could move on with his band, called Madhouse. This happened in late May of 2010. ...
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