Is Lady Gaga Dating Anyone?

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Lady Gaga is rumored to be dating Taylor Kinney.
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It has been reported that Lady Gaga is dating actor Taylor Kinney and has been since July of 2011. Neither parties have confirmed this. She split with her boyfriend Luc in early May.
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She doesn't have a boyfriend!
Lady Gaga has not publicly made any statements about who she is
Lady Gaga has reportedly been seen with a man named "Speedy" who lives in Los Angeles!
1. The easiest way to meet Lady Gaga is to buy meet-and-greet concert tickets, which let your meet her before or after the concert. Unfortunately, these tickets can cost hundreds
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There is no confirmation if singer Lady Gaga is getting married as of yet. She just recently started dating actor Taylor Kinney in July 2011. ...
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