Is Laryngitis Contagious?


Laryngitis can be contagious for at least a day but it can as well last for as long as a month. The exact amount of time is determined by the cause of the inflammation or loss of function. The disease is an inflammation of the vocal cords which can be caused by excess alcohol use, smoking, coughing or excess talking, singing, or shouting.
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A viral laryngitis is not contagious and usually goes away in a couple of
Ok at work this girl I know has Laryngitis and kept talking to me really close. Like I would subtly back away or turn my head but she'd follow me with her face about a foot away .
Well, as soon as he stuck the (extra long) Q-tip in my ear I immediately had a fit of coughing and he asked “ is that from me?” And so it started. What a nightmare! It
It affects it by swelling and bleeding.
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Laryngitis is contagious.
Laryngitis is an inflammation or swelling of the voice box or larynx. If the laryngitis has been caused by a bacterial or fungal infection it could be contagious, however if the infection is viral, chances are, it might not be contagious. It is of at most importance to seek medical advice when confronted with this.
Laryngitis is caused from a cold, which is a respiratory infection. Yes, it can be contagious due to the fact it is an infection. Wash your hands well and cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. You can find more information at
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