Is Lavender Poisonous?


Lavender is a fragrant plant that is used in soaps, sachets, and shampoos. The aroma of lavender has a soothing and calming effect. The scent comes from the oil in the lavender's small flowers. Lavender oil is toxic if taken orally, and it should only be used topically or inhaled. The oil can cause allergic reactions in some people when used on the skin. Lavender is used in teas and some baked goods, and it is not poisonous when used in this way, when dried buds are used.
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No lavender is not poisonous. As a matter of fact some people use it in teas and other herbal medicines. It is also not poisonous to cats, dogs, or horses.
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Lavender oil (mainly linalyl acetate and linalool)
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