Is Lead Crystal Safe?


Lead crystal is not entirely safe. When liquids are stored in lead crystal containers, the lead will leak into the liquid. This can cause elevated levels of lead, which can lead to lead poisoning in extreme cases.
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Lead crystal is not safe to store liquids in, especially alcoholic beverages, since the lead will leach into it within hours. As dinner ware, there would be little risk, as the fluids wouldn't be in the glass long enough for much if any lead to leach into it.
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Lead crystal is made from glass. It is had cut to make facets that reflect light and look like diamonds. All the colors of the rainbow can be seen through lead crystal facets.
In order to qualify as lead crystal, the object in question must be not only made of lead glass, but also cut (by either machine or hand) into facets. Lead glass is created by using
The lead in the crystal gives it a brighter shine. The lead also allows the glass to be cut in intricate and unusual ways. Each piece has to be individually crafted - I guess "
.Soak new crystal in vinegar for 24 hours before use, wash by hand with a mild detergent, and rinse each piece thoroughly with lukewarm water. But don't drink out of it. Since the
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Lead Crystal is a kind of glass that has lead instead of calcium content. As a result, it has a higher refractive index. It is also much heavier than regular glass ...
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