Is lemon oil good for wood furniture?


Lemon oil does not harm furniture and it is easier to rub into wood than a paste wax. However, when comparing the two products, lemon oil does have some disadvantages.

Any kind of oil that is applied to furniture attracts dust, which increases the amount of daily or weekly maintenance that is needed. Typically, paste wax does not require upkeep for about three months. Paste wax provides a layer of protection, so minor scratches occur on wax and not the furniture. Oil also builds up over time, while wax does not. As a new coat is applied, the old layer is removed by a solvent in the paste wax.

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1. Get a feather duster. If there's a lot of dust on your wooden furniture, dust it off first. Or you can use a vacuum if you want. If it's a wooden desk, or cabinet that's been down
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Heat up an iron on the medium to light setting. Gather together many paper towels. Put the paper towels on the stain, and place the iron down over the towels. When you see the paper
Hello Dominique, one wouldn't use lacquer over varnish or shellac or vice versa, you have to know what you're dealing with, and some of that comes with can test
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