Is Lily Tomlin related to John Travolta?

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Lily Tomlin
Lily Tomlin is an award-winning star of stage and screen, known especially for comedic performances going back to her days on TV's Laugh-In in the early 1970s. She grew up in Detroit, but went to New York in 1965 to be a performer. Tomlin became a re... More>> · More images »
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"Moment by Moment" (1978)
Jane Wagner’s Moment By Moment (1978)Thanks,
The kid from the movie Domestic Disturbance was Matt O'Leary. He is not related to the Culkins but he once auditioned for Home Alone 3.
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John Travolta is the youngest boy of six children, growing up with three sisters and two brothers in New Jersey. His father, Salvatore Travolta co-owned a tire shop, and his mother, Helen Travolta was an actress and drama coach. Lily Tomlin was born in 1939 in eastern Michigan to Lillie Mae and Guy Tomlin, a nurse's aid and a factory worker respectively.

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