Is Lolicon Illegal?


Lolicon refers to an unreserved attraction to girls that are underaged. This term is a portmanteau in Japan for the 'Lolita complex'. In most parts of the US, lolicon is considered legal and not allowing the release of the productions were before deemed a violation of freedom of expression.
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because they think it leads to sexual abuse to children. lolicon is depicted as hentai crossed with kawaii. Source(s)
Because people debate on whether it's child porn or not. Same with shotacon. I don't see what there is to debate about. Lolicon and Shotacon is made with the intention of sparking
THIS SUCKS THIS SUCKS THIS SUCKS THIS SUCKS for reals dawg so thats what happened to not4chan, huh? we need to make another loli portal. When i get a little older and have my own
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Lolicon is illegal due to computer generated representations that are indistinguishable from a minor. However, the law does not make this clear therefore it is ...
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