Is Lysol safe?


Lysol is safe if not taken internally. Lysol can kill you if taken in large doses. Call the Poison Control Center id this happens.
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Porcelain counters, door knobs, door handles. aluminum, brass and steel appliances, toilets, tubs, sinks, These are the places where no glass, no granite, no wood, no mirrors, nothing
I have a bottle of it, and it says the active ingredient is Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chlorides. 0 0 Comment
i use 3-4 everyday in my room from bathroom floors, faucets, door handles, computer mouse. i am just worried that everyday the chemicals from it will accumulate and reach toxic levels
lysol kills germs is it ok to use the spray on hard surfaces like toys and counters often i wouldnt soak the toys with it but daily shouldnt be a problem ... now with bedding i would
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