Is Mako Island real?


Mako Island is a fictitious setting for the Australian teen television show "H2O: Just Add Water" and is not a real, designated or recognized place. The setting is animated, and the scenes were filmed on the Gold Coast of Australia, at Warner Roadshow Movie World Studios and at Sea World.

"H2O: Just Add Water" aired from 2006 to 2010 on the Nickelodeon Australia network. Maki Island was an integral part of the show, serving as a deserted island where the show's stars, three teenage girls, became mermaids. A spinoff series titled "Secret of Mako Island" used the same fabricated island setting, filming there for six months in 2012.

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Mako Island is a fictitious place created solely for the purpose of the TV show. The scenes at so-called Mako Island are filmed at. SeaWorld, near Surfer's Paradise on Queensland's
There is no real place in Australia called Mako Island. It is not a "real place" as in a named, populated spot on the planet. It has been animated and all the underwater
Mako Island is not a real place, but made up for the show, which is
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