Is Mark Harmon leaving "NCIS"?


As of April 2014, there is no speculation or confirmation that Mark Harmon has plans to leave the hit CBS show "NCIS." In February of 2013 he signed a new multi-year deal to stay on with the veteran show.

Mark Harmon and his character Leroy Jethro Gibbs has been the driving force behind "NCIS" since it's premier in 2003. In March of 2014, the show's producer, Gary Glasberg, revealed that it was Harmon's idea to create an "NCIS" spinoff from a special two-part storyline the show did in New Orleans. The spinoff is titled "NCIS: New Orleans" and stars Scott Bakula and Lucas Black.

Q&A Related to "Is Mark Harmon leaving "NCIS"?"
Mark Harmon did not leave NCIS. There were rumors in 2007 that he was
Well its probably because it is a very popular and interesting show. They most likely talk about it so much because there is a lot to talk about and Mark Harmon is amazing.
It's a tv show. They had no personal relationship, so I am sure he dealt with it just fine. . TurboB. 42 months ago.
Mark Harmon is married to Pam Dawber since 1987. She starred in the tv-series Mork and Mindy (with Robin Williams).
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