Is Milk Good for Kittens?


Kittens require their mother's milk until about 4 weeks of age, at which point the mom starts the weaning process. Once they are weaned, kittens do not require any additional milk in their diet. In fact, giving them cow's milk may cause medical problems such as vomiting and upset stomach. Kittens do not have the necessary enzymes required to process the lactose commonly found in cow's milk.
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At an early age, since birth up to 8 weeks old, kittens tend to have milk as their primary source of nutrients. They get it from their mother. However, as the kitten matures, it should be fed with meat, fruits, or vegetables, or even processed cat food to avoid lactose intolerance because of milk ingestion.
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1. Sterilize the bottle and nipples with boiling water. Once the bottles have completed sterilization, fill with .09 ounces of milk replacer, and a drop of plain yogurt. 2. Gather
When the kittens are first born, they will instinctively drink milk from there mother. When they are through that stage they will be able to eat whole food. They can still drink milk
There is no such thing as milk worms. Too much milk can cause a kitten to have diarrhea. ChaCha!!
Kitten replacement milk is commercially available, sold as KMR replacement milk. However, there are home recipes, and here is one: 3 oz condensed milk 3 oz water 4 oz plain yogurt
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