Is Milk Good for Your Hair?


Milk is good for your hair and many other body functions. Milk gives you good calcium intake which is good for your hair and bones. The old saying is milk does the body good.
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One of the best vitamins for your hair is vitamin E. You can also take Omega 3 oil, such as the ones you can buy in capsule form. They will help many things in your body.
1. Fill a spray bottle with milk (any amount will do) Ad. 2. Spray hair thoroughly with milk. 3. Wash hair with a little shampoo, and follow with plenty of your favorite conditioner
According to Hair Flair, using salt water to create waves is a popular technique used among celebrities. The salt-water spray will enhance your natural waves and will add more texture
because it is gud for calcium to teeth strong.
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I've never tried this. But I have had a couple people tell me it was good for your hair. People say that when you put the milk on your hair it moisturizes and nourishes your hair. They say you should do it once a week for great hair.
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