Is Moss a Producer or a Decomposer?


Moss is a plant that is known for being a producer. It does not have the ability to decompose materials. Technically, moss is classified as a photoautotroph.
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1. Wet the moss with a spray from a hose. Moss controls work best when the moss is moist. 2. Spray the moss with a moss control product. These products are most effective when applied
Moss is a decomposer because its breaks down dead plants and animals.
You can find peat moss in your local nursery that will suit
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Moss is a decomposer of organic material. It doesn't harm healthy plants, so is safe on healthy trees, for example. Moss hastens the decay of dead organic matter ...
Some producers in the arctic tundra are the dwarf and arctic willows. Consumers are polar bears and elk while decomposers are moss and earthworms. ...
Coral is a consumer. They are made of individual polyps. These polyps are carnivorous creatures, consuming a lush array of small sea life. They are endangered ...
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