Is My Betta Fish a Girl or a Boy?


To tell if your betta fish is a boy or a girl is by looking at their fins. A boy betta has longer fins than the girl bettas do. Boys are also a little larger in body size.
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1. Let the fish grow older. When bettas are babies, even experienced owners have trouble telling them apart. As the fish get older, their bodies will change and they will begin displaying
While both males and females have splendid color, a female is
My Betta fish is a light purple color with blue fins and tale. Is she/he a girl/or boy. (I want to know this because I want to have my male Betta mate with my other batta)
Girl betta's are smaller, and their fins are really short. If your betta is a girl, she might be kind of dull-colored, but not all girls are dull-colored. She wouldn't be flowy at
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