Is My Boyfriend Abusive Quiz?


You can go to relationship websites in order to take a quiz to assess whether or not your boyfriend is abusive. However, you should not need a quiz in order to tell whether or not they are abusive. If you find that they are not respecting you, this might be a telltale sign.
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1. Listen to what he says to you. If he calls you names or says hurtful things to you, get rid of him. He may claim that he was only teasing and that you should learn to take a joke
1. Leave. The best advice in this situation is to leave. Get out, get safe. Ad. 2. Seek counseling. If children are in the picture and suffering this abuse it is best for them to
Hitting , Or Usually The Girl Gets Abused From The Boy Because 9 Out Of 10 The Boy Is Gonna Hit Them Back Really Bad But That's My OPINION.
There are numerous quizzes you can take online that will supposedly tell you whether
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