Is my Child on Drugs?


The only way to know for sure if your child is on drugs is to give him/her a drug test or take them to have a drug test. If your child is acting different, withdrawn, aggressive, secretive, or just overall different, then they may be. I suggest giving them a drug test at home. You can find more information here:
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In my opinion there are many signs that you can look for if you are trying to determine if your child is on drugs. If our child looks pale in the face or has any skin punctures he or she may be on drugs. Pay close attention to the type of friends your child has.
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1. Determine the child's body weight in kilograms. If you only have the weight in pounds, use the "pound/kilogram converter" found in the resources section. If you prefer
1 Watch carefully to determine whether your child is having sudden and inexplicable shifts in mood and behavior. If your child is usually kind and easygoing and suddenly becomes routinely
A unborn child can be affected by drugs in many ways. They can be born with congenital heart defects, the can have intrauterine growth restriction which can lead to premature birth. Remember to always do thorough research of drugs before taking them yourself or giving them to a minor. ,Wil Embed
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1. Drug abuse is a serious problem across the world, and parents want to know if their child is abusing drugs. The methods described in this guide are very intrusive ...
1. Be absolutely clear with your kids that you don't want them using drugs. Ever. Anywhere. Don't leave room for interpretation. 2. Talk often about the dangers ...
1. Look for changes in behavior. This will manifest if your child was previously alert, active and good natured, but is now tired, sullen and withdrawn. Be careful ...
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