Is My CNA License Still Valid?


To learn if one's CNA license is still valid, he or she can check with the state that originally issued the license. The license will eventually expire and coursework may need to be taken again.
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1. Obtain a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Nurse's aide programs in North Carolina require a high school diploma or GED equivalent for admission. 2. Determine whether you
yes it depends on which state you're licensed in. go to that state's board of nursing website. there will be a place to look up a name or license number. it will show all licenses
Look on it, it should have an expiration date. If not, then you can call the Drivers license Bureau in your county where it was issued and ask them.
Request an "Application for Enrollment By Reciprocity"
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The only way to tell if your CNA is still valid is to contact the state board of nursing office where you live. Each state has different laws regarding CNA license requirements and expiration dates. When your license is about to expire, you should get a notice in the mail asking you to renew it.
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