Is my Coach purse real?


To find out if your Coach purse is real, compare it to known real Coach bags. It should have an identification tag that proves it was made by Coach.
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1. Examine the straps or handles. If they are covered in plastic, the purse is fake. 2. Check the "C. Many Coach purses have the Coach "C" pattern. Fake Coach purses
A Coach purse comes with a creed which is stitched onto the inside
How much is my coach bag worth.
go to kroger (if you have one) and buy a carbona stain remover. there are several different ones for different kinds of stains. it's bound to work. i've gotten blood stains and oil
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How much your Coach purse is worth depends on which purse it is and the condition. It also depends on the demand for the particular purse. You can check sites ...
To identify an authentic Coach Purse you will first need to look closely at the 'C' logos on the purse. All the logos should be symmetric and not cut off especially ...
The best way to know if a Chanel purse is real is to know the product. Know what the logo looks like, not just the image but the size and font size used on it. ...
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