Is My Pandora Bracelet Real?


Genuine Pandora bracelets are made from jade and Pandora beads. A simple way to distinguish between original Pandora beads on bracelets from artificial ones is to rub them against a soft surface that causes significant friction. Genuine Pandora beads will not show signs of scratching but synthetic ones will.
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In 1982, the jewelry line that eventually became Pandora was established by P. Enevoldsen, a goldsmith, in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1999, the interchangeable charm bracelet made its
On the beads if there isnt a circle around the hole then its deffo a fake! real pandoras have a circle around the actual bit that gets threded on to the bracelet, fakes dont, other
theres a pandora website for music also so i think its the first one.
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The pandora bracelet beads are called mojos. Pandora, a jewelry line, originated in Copenhagen in 1982. Pandora is best known for its customizable charm bracelets ...
Pandora Charm silver bracelet goes for ?110.00 while a leather and silver bracelet goes for ?30.00. ...
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