Is Naphthalene Soluble in Water?


No, naphthalene is not soluble in water. It is soluble in benzene. It is very soluble in ether, carbon disulfide, and chloroform. It is somewhat soluble in ethanol.
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what is the solubility of naphthalene in water & ethanol ?
Naphthalene won't dissolve in water at all. Naphthalene is a non-polar organic compound (C10H8) and a polar. solvent such as water won't even touch it. It will dissolve in non-polar
A water soluble vitamin is one that does not accumulate in the in the body. B complex vitamins and Vitamin C are water soluble and must be replaced each day.
Solids that can be dissolved into water are deemed "soluble. This dissolution takes place when the molecules in the water break down the molecules in said solids and these molecules
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Napthalene has a solubility in water that is equivalent to 30 mg/L. This is a flammable organic compound whose chemical formula is C10H8. This is normally used ...
Naphthalene(non polar) is soluble in Acetone. ...
A soluble is a substance that is able to be dissolved especially in water. The substance in which a soluble dissolves is known as a solvent. Solubility is the ...
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