Is Noon Capitalized?


There are twenty four hours within a day and this time period is divided into three different time slots. One is called the morning, one is called the afternoon, and one is called the evening. The morning is considered to be from midnight until noon. The afternoon is considered to be from noon until five o'clock. The evening is from five o'clock until midnight. Midnight and noon represent the hour that lands directly on twelve. The words noon and midnight should only be capitalized when they are at the beginning of a sentence.
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In the beginning of a sentence, or if its the name of a place or person.
Indiana is one of three U.S. states which do not Spring ahead from "standard" to "daylight saving" time or Fall back from daylight to standard six months later
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A five letter word that is spelled the same upside down when capitalized is the word SWIMS. Another word would be NOON, which can also be spelled backwards. ...
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