Is the word "noon" capitalized?


"Noon," similar to the word "midnight" is not capitalized, expect at the beginning of a sentence. However, grammar rules are such that certain exceptions can apply.

When writing in a non-sentence format, "noon" can be capitalized. For example: "Noon will be when they come" or "Monday – Tuesday: Noon – 3 p.m."

In most cases, however, "noon" is not capitalized for the same reason other common words like "spring" and "fall" are not. It's a conventional rule of grammar.

If "noon" is the title of something, such as a movie, and that title purposely is not capitalized to be stylish, then that would be an instance where "noon" could begin a sentence and still not be capitalized. In this situation, however, "noon" probably would be italicized or in quotes to show that it's a title of something, depending on the writing style format being followed.

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