Is Oatmeal High in Potassium?


For a one cup serving of oatmeal, it would have 126mg of potassium which is okay but not as high as a banana. If you want to get more potassium, you might want to slice up a banana on your oatmeal which would have an additional 422mg of potassium.
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Let's just say,don't overdue the bannanas. Actually, high potassium is called hyperkalemia which is where to must potassium is in the bloodstream. Certain foods can raise or lower
1 cup cooked oatmeal has 146mg of potassium.
If potassium levels are too high, emergency treatment will be needed. High potassium in the bloodstream is a threat to the heart. The focus of acute treatment is to protect the body
Hello Paul, Here are a few numbers, for 100 grams of product QUAKER, Non-Fortified Instant Oatmeal: - Dry 384 mg - Cooked with 3 parts of water for one part of oatmeal 94 mg KELLOGG'S
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High potassium or hyperkalemia is an electrolyte inequity that is usually signified by a high level of potassium in the blood. Normal levels of potassium are very ...
Oatmeal does have carbohydrates in it. About 67 grams per serving. However, keep in mind that carbs are important to refuel your body for the day. This makes oatmeal ...
Oatmeal is actually a great way to get your daily dose of fiber. Oatmeal is beneficial only when eaten in a plain form and has no added sugar or other additive. ...
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