Is Oil Lighter Than Water?


Oil is lighter than water. Oil is also less dense than water making it possible for oil to float on water.
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It's not! Oil is lighter than water, it's a density thing.
Polymer adsorbed foam used in pillows has a density heavier than oil an.
A student of the periodic table of elements and those having an elementary knowledge of nature would know that oil is compossed of carbon and that water is composed of oxygen. Both
1. Obtain a sample of the material for which you would like to measure the specific gravity. Make sure the sample is small enough to fit inside of your graduated cylinder. If you
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It works due to the oil having a lower specific gravity then water, in other words oil is lighter then water, if you mix oil and water in a jar and leave it over ...
Which one is heavier well depends on which type of oil one uses. Some oils are heavier then water or some are lighter, it all depends on the customer ...
Water and oil have different densities. Liquids that have different densities do not mix together. Oil is lighter than water, which causes it to float on top and ...
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