Is Opening Someone Else's Mail a Crime?


Opening someone else's mail is against the law. This is a federal law that states if anyone opens someone else's mail,you can be imprisoned for up to a year. Also there can be a fine up to 5000 dollars.
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For the same reason that anything else that's illegal is illegal: lawmakers passed a law saying it was. The reasoning behind the law in this case is pretty clear: The US Postal Service
1. Cross out the original address on the envelope with a dark pen or marker. 2. Write "Forward To: next to the blacked-out address. 3. Write the new address beside the original
This is a federal offense. The charge for this offense depends on the
Grand Theft Auto, assuming that they don't have the legal right to remove the vehicle somehow. If they have the legal right, they probably are still required under civil law to do
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It is illegal to open mail that is not addressed to you without the permission of the person for whom the mail was intended. It is a federal crime and is punishable ...
It is a federal offense to open someone's mailbox or to use a mailbox for anything other than posted mail. It is also a federal offense to open someone else's ...
If someone opens your postal mail you should report it to the U.S. Post Office. You should also report it to the police. It is a federal offense to tamper with ...
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