Is orange juice a pure substance?


Orange juice is not a pure substance but a mixture of different pure substances. Pure substances are made of only one type or atom or molecule. Orange juice, even fresh squeezed from the orange and not reconstituted with water and concentrate, is made of of multiple different substances, including sugar, citric acid, vitamin C and water.

Elements like sodium are pure substances because their molecular structures consist of just one type of atom. Similarly, pure water that has nothing but two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom is a pure substance. Things like lemonade, which are a mix of water, sugar and lemon juice, are mixtures rather than pure substances.

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who says it isn't? if it is fresh squeezed from the orange, not obtained frozen from a can with concentrate, then it would be a pure substance. or what is your definition of pure?
A pure substance is a sample of. matter. with both definite and constant composition with distinct. chemical properties. Examples: water, diamond, gold, table salt (sodium chloride)
Orange Juice is pure but has preservatives to keep bacteria and mold from forming
Orange Juice is the juice of an orange, & is often filled w/ the pulp from the fruit. Ask us anything!
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