Is Orange Juice a Pure Substance?


Orange juice would only be considered a pure substance if you take ripe oranges and squeeze them yourself. Store-purchased orange juice will usually have sugar and other ingredients added to it, so it is not pure. You can get freshly squeezed orange juice by juicing oranges in a juicer machine or by hand.
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No, orange juices are not pure substances. There some artificial flavorings,food coloring and preservatives being added to the concentrates.
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who says it isn't? if it is fresh squeezed from the orange, not obtained frozen from a can with concentrate, then it would be a pure substance. or what is your definition of pure?
A pure substance is a sample of. matter. with both definite and constant composition with distinct. chemical properties. Examples: water, diamond, gold, table salt (sodium chloride)
Orange Juice is pure but has preservatives to keep bacteria and mold from forming
Orange Juice is the juice of an orange, & is often filled w/ the pulp from the fruit. Ask us anything!
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