Is Percocet the Same as Hydrocodone?


Percocet and Hydrocodone are the same because both are used to relieve severe pain. On the other hand Percocet is stronger than Hydrocodone because it contains oxycodone. Their main side effect is addiction so they are taken under doctor's written prescription.
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go for the percocet its stronger
Hydrocodone is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. It's
it will show upas an opiate but they wont know ita a percocet when it should've been a vicodin.don't worry as long as you have script your safe.
26 Sep 2005 in a test by the university of miami.they said that hydrocodone "mg" to "mg" is a s powerful as morphine.but in a narcotics scale percocet is a schuedule
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Both Percocet and Endocet are made by Endo Pharmaceuticals Endocet is sold as a generic and Percocet is sold as brand name. Percocet is sold as much as 4 times ...
Roxicet is not the same as Percocet though they have same the same components and are used to cure them same conditions. They both contain Oxycodone and Acetaminophen ...
Hydrocodone is not the same as codeine. The two are completely different drugs. They cannot be taken in place of one another and one should consult a doctor before ...
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