Is Potato a Fruit or Vegetable?


The potato is a starchy, tuberous vegetable crop. It is from the Solanaceae family which is also known as the nightshades. A potato plant is a herbaceous perennial.
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The potato is definatly not a fruit because it is not derived form the ovule of a plant. It is infact a root. The definition of a vegetable is any edibal part of a plant therefore
A potato is a vegetable and an,-veg...
Potato is a tuber vegetable...♥ Source(s): Mmmm luv my
1. Wash all fruits and vegetables when you get home from the market so they are ready when you need them. 2. Fill a spray bottle with one part white vinegar and three parts water.
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Potatoes are both a vegetable and a grain because of their starchy makeup. Unlike other starches, they contain many different vitamins and minerals as well as ...
The difference between a fruit and a vegetable is that a fruit originates from flowers as ripened ovaries of a seed bearing plant whereas a vegetable comes from ...
An onion is actually a bulb vegetable. It would not be considered a fruit because it has no seeds. One common fruit that is often incorrectly classified as a vegetable ...
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