How old is prince Royce?


Geoffrey Royce Rojas is currently 20 yrs old. His birthday is May 11.
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Prince Royce, a Dominican-American bachata singer-songwriter was born May 11,
Bronx-born, Dominican-American college student and bachata singer, Geoffrey Royce Rojas (a. k. a. Prince Royce) was 20 years old in January 2010. Now, it's my turn to , what is bachata
Unfortunately, Prince Royce doesn't have a publicly listed phone number or fan club, but there is an email contact form here:
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The birth name of prince Royce is Geofrey ROYCE Rojas and his birthday is on May 11! ...
Prince Royce is not Mexican but has lineage that traces to the Dominican Republic. For information on Prince Royce's hit single and his tour plans go to this site ...
Geoffrey Royce Rojas, known as Prince Royce, is a singer and songwriter, His phone number has not been made available to the public. ...
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