Is Pumpernickel Bread Healthy?


Pumpernickel is a type of bread usually made with whole wheat rye flour. It is a tasty bread that is high in fiber as well as other vitamins and minerals. It can be included in a healthy diet if eaten in moderation.
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Bread, Pumpernickel
Nutrition Grade
Nutrition Facts
Total Fat 0.8g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 174.5mg
Total Carbohydrates 30g
Protein 2.3g
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Here's what I found " From: Magic Foods for Better Blood Sugar, Reader's Digest Canada. Low GL. Traditional pumpernickel is made with coarsely ground rye flour (and perhaps some
Yes, 1 slice of pumpernickel bread contains 65
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1. Mix the pumpernickel flour into the starter. 2. Add 1 cake of yeast. 3. Add half a cup of water and stir in. It is okay to add more water if the mixture feels too thick - do this
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Pumpernickel is a heavy, slightly sweet rye bread that is traditionally made with coarsely ground rye. It is prepared from a combination of rye flour and whole ...
Pumpernickel bread is made with coarsely ground rye flour and sourdough starter, which means less carbohydrates. Pumpernickel aids in digestion, and also contains ...
To make pumpernickel bread all you need is warm milk, oil, molasses, bread flour, rye flour, cornmeal, salt, yeast, cocoa powder, and brown sugar. For more information ...
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