Is Pyrex Oven Safe?


Pyrex glassware is oven safe. It is safe to use in a conventional oven as well as a microwave or convection oven. It cannot be used on a stove top. You can find out more information here:
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On the Pyrex website they state the cookware made from Pyrex is suitable for use in preheated domestic ovens, and do not state an upper limit. It seems reasonable to assume that the
Glass breaks or explodes when it experiences drastic and quick temperature changes, a process called thermal shock. Since it is a brittle substance, sudden atmospheric variances cause
Simply stress. In the late 90's the process became cheaper and not as high
as long as you can put it in a regular oven, if it'll fit, you can put it in a toaster oven. You don't want to put a regular glass dinner plate in there b/c it's not tempered or designd
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Pyrex states on there cookware that it is oven safe. You will still need to handle with care. If you remove it from the oven and put it right in the freezer is has been known to explode. You can find more information here:
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