Is Raven-Symoné biracial?


Actress Raven-Symoné is of African-American ancestry; she is not biracial. Both of her parents, Christopher B. Pearman and Lydia Gaulden, are African-American. She got her start in the early 1980s on "The Cosby Show" alongside Bill Cosby.

Raven-Symoné was discovered as a 3-year-old when she auditioned for a part in Bill Cosby's movie "Ghost Dad." Even though she was deemed too young for the part, Cosby saw her star potential and gave her a role in his popular sitcom "The Cosby Show." Since then, Raven-Symoné has starred in numerous other sitcoms including her own show called "That's So Raven." She also starred alongside Eddie Murphy in the movie "Dr. Doolittle."

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no body she is not pregnant! This is a rumor. She has not had a baby, is not pregnant and has not adopted a child.
Like most people Raven Symone doesn't let her checking account balance circulate for public
The up and coming actress, Raven Symone was born in 1985. Therefore, she is turning 25 this year (2010)
Raven weights, 105/106 pounds, that's 9/10 stones in the UK.
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