Is Raw Egg Good for Your Hair?


Raw egg is said to be good for your hair. If you wash your hair in the raw egg and lemon juice you leave on your hair for twenty minutes. You can also apply olive oil and when the time is up wash out.
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They have protien and make yoir hair smooth. But eggs are gross. XP.
1. Prepare the egg. Beat the raw egg in a small bowl. If you have long hair, you will need two eggs. 2. Give the egg time to work. Place the raw egg on your hair and allow it to sit
1 Crack two egg yolks into a small bowl, and whisk them thoroughly. Ad 2 Add a nickel sized dollop of your favorite conditioner, to help apply the mixture more evenly to the hair.
Drinking raw eggs assists in muscle gain due to large amounts of protein. Thanks
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Yes, raw egg is good for your hair. It has been used as a deep hair conditioner for a quite while. It can also be mixed with oil, honey or yogurt for added benefit.
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