Is Redistricting Fair?


Personally I don't think redistricting is fair since it seems school 'redistrict' on such a random basis. Children are not just numbers and should not be treated as such.
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From my own personal knowledge and perspective, redistricting can be both fair and unfair; just depends on the particular situation. The fair part of redistricting is to help make our representative government work better by more properly connecting certain populations (geographically) with appropriate representation. Where it gets a little unfair is in who decides how the redistricting is done, and at times, it can be done to change the predicted outcome of future elections in the favor of one party or another. There are good reasons, and bad reasons to redistrict, and the bad ones are generally also not very fair.
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In an attempt to increase the accuracy and fairness of redistricting, Congress in 1975, passed P.L. 94-171 . Under this law, the Census Bureau is required to "work closely" illegal in the 48 contiguous states from November till March of each Congressional year.….
That's a tough one but a necessary one. The problem is that it would have to be a federal mandate in order to get all the states to follow the same (new) districting principles but
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