Is Roger Hazard Married?


Roger Hazard is a home stager and designer who became a household name because of A&E's television show called, Sell This House. He is currently the owner of Design Hazards, an Austin-based design service firm, together with his husband, Chris Stout.
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He has been married 5 times and current wife's name is Wanda Miller, previous wife was actress Marianne Gordon Rogers.
Todd Rogers is married to Melissa Masonheimer Rogers and has a daughter, Hannah, and
As it stands, the information doesn't seem to be released anywhere. If her name is not mentioned, you can be fairly sure she's not famous - famous couples are revealed fairly easily
Roy Rogers had two wives: The first, Arline Wilkins died in 1946, and Rogers married the second; Dale Evans (Frances Octavia Smith) roughly a year later.
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