Is Ron Clark the Teacher Married?


Ron Clark is a teacher who worked with disadvantaged students in New York City and North Carolina. He was born in 1972, and is best known for books that he has written on the subject of teaching middle school children. There is no information available regarding Ron Clark being married.
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Shannon Tuer played the Substitute teacher in the film The Ron Clark
"Nowhere else in their educational journey will someone believe in them. Nowhere else will someone dream big for them. You can change a child's life.
Ron is very strict and expects a lot of the kids, but he is also very supportive, loving and nurturing. He walks into a situation where his new class is going crazy and he tries his
THE RON CLARK STORY is based on a real individual who worked at an inner-city school who got results from the students. I have done high-school movies, but Ron Clark is a real person
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Ron Clark is an American teacher. He is known for working with disadvantage students in New York City. He is also known for writing books on how to teach children ...
The Ron Clark Story is about a teacher who leaves his home in North Carolina to teach in the New York City public school. He made a huge difference in the lives ...
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