Is Sand a Compound or a Mixture?


Sand is a grainy substance found on the beach. It is considered a mixture, not compound. It is made up of small pieces of rock and minerals, which are different in composition.
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SiO2-silicone dioxide, or silica. Interestingly, oxygen, and then silicone, are the two most abundant elements in the Earth's crust, with approximately 60.1% being oxygen and 20.1%
1. Install a sheet of 150-grit sandpaper onto the hand sander. The hand sander has clips on each end. Loosen the thumb screws on both clips. Slide the one end of the sandpaper under
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I guess you need to ask yourself, is this item made up of only one type of molecule (compound) or is it a blend of different molecules which remain un-reacted in their original state
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