Is santa claus fake?


Whether or not Santa Claus is fake would be based on what you believe. Some believe that he can make dreams come true on Christmas morning. Others just think he's a figment of our imagination.
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Santa Claus doesn't like to discuss his age. He stopped counting at his 550th birthday! He is based on St. Nicholas and is said to bring toys to good boys and girls on Christmas morning
Cause he is. Source(s) Like a muscular guy that looks like my brother who thinks I'm sleeping but actually waiting for him to put the presents under the tree and raid them when he
Everyone needs to know how to contact Santa Claus, no matter what their age. Thankfully Santa Claus has gotten on the technology bandwagon, complete with tracking devices and numerous
1. Fill an advent calendar with tiny gifts. presents image by Horticulture from Fill and advent calendar with small toys and trinkets or make an advent chain with special
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A very long time ago in a European village there was a man who was called Saint Nicholas. This man was very generous and gave much to the poor. After he passed ...
Santa Claus may be real or he may be fake. It's all in what you believe. Santa brings smiles to the faces of children and joy to so many. So, is he real - that ...
According to my knowledge Santa Claus is a mythical character. Santa Claus is mythical character that flies around in a sled. The sled is pulled by nine reindeer ...
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