Is Santa Claus Real?


Unfortunately, no Santa Claus is not real. Santa Claus is a legend that originated in the early 1800's. Santa Claus is an inspiration from a devout Christian named Sinterklass. Sinterklass would bring gifts and money to women who were too poor to be married.
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scientists calculated that if santa was real he will have to give presents to 824 houses each second! even the speed of light cant do that (im 9 yrs old)
1. Remain calm and don't be defensive when the child asks if Santa Clause is real. Many times when parents or educators start bashing the child with questions such as, "Who told
Santa Claus is currently in the North Pole with Mrs. Claus and his elves. They are working very hard in preparation for Christmas Eve. He is making his list and checking it twice.
Santa Claus is real in your mind, you just have to believe in him, and he will appear on
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Santa Claus is a fictional character who is based on a real person, St. Nicholas
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If your child wants to talk to Santa Claus in real life this Christmas, there are several ways to do this. Santa visits most malls, shopping centers, tree farms ...
In Germany, Santa Claus is called Weihnachtsmann ('Christmas Man') and in southern Germany in particular, he is called Christkind. He is an old jolly man with ...
In Denmark, Santa Claus is known as Julemand. He is jolly old fat man with a beard and red suit and delivers gifts to children for Christmas all over the world. ...
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