Is Sean Hannity married?

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Sean Hannity is married to Jill Rhodes. · More images »
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He is married to Jill Rhodes, a columnist for The Huntsville Times. !
Sean Hannity was born on December 30, 1961.'s_b...
1. Volunteer to host a college station's radio talk show to become a news commentator like Shawn Hannity. The talk show host boosted his name recognition in the Santa Barbara area
You're giving Hannity way too much credit----he is not even in Limbaughs league.
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Known for his fiery conservative views, Hannity began his career in 1989 and gained popularity as co-host of the program "Hannity & Colmes" on the Fox News Channel. The program was renamed "Hannity" after the original program ended its 12-year run. According to Newsmax, Rush Limbaugh frequently invited Hannity to appear as a guest host on his radio broadcast. As a result, Hannity’s own brand grew exponentially. His syndicated talk-radio show is broadcast to millions of listeners nationwide.

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