Is Sean Hannity still married?

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Sean Hannity is married to Jill Rhodes. · More images »
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He is married to Jill Rhodes, a columnist for The Huntsville Times. !
this is. very. ironic for me. I am researching construction workers, and my partner is researching bartenders LOL! Also its because we love the working class remember the Joe The
You're giving Hannity way too much credit----he is not even in Limbaughs league.
hannity is a pus. even though it would be a hellish experience, it is hard to imagine someone so scared to have it done very briefly and under controlled circumstances (like mancow)
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Before the couple got together, Rhodes wrote a political column for the Huntsville Times, while Hannity had a radio talk show in the same Alabama town. By the time of their marriage, Hannity was working at a radio station in Atlanta, Ga. In 1996, he was hired by Roger Ailes to join the new FOX News Channel.

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