Is Sean Hannity still married?


As of January 2014, FOX News anchor and syndicated radio talk show host Sean Hannity is still married to his wife, Jill Rhodes Hannity. Their wedding was held in 1993. The couple has two children, a son named Patrick and a daughter named Merri.

Before the couple got together, Rhodes wrote a political column for the Huntsville Times, while Hannity had a radio talk show in the same Alabama town. By the time of their marriage, Hannity was working at a radio station in Atlanta, Ga. In 1996, he was hired by Roger Ailes to join the new FOX News Channel.

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He is married to Jill Rhodes, a columnist for The Huntsville Times. !
this is. very. ironic for me. I am researching construction workers, and my partner is researching bartenders LOL! Also its because we love the working class remember the Joe The
You're giving Hannity way too much credit----he is not even in Limbaughs league.
hannity is a pus. even though it would be a hellish experience, it is hard to imagine someone so scared to have it done very briefly and under controlled circumstances (like mancow)
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Sean Hannity is married to Jill Rhodes. The couple got married in 1993 and as of December 9, 2012, they have been married for 19 years. ...
Sean Hannity is married to Jill Hannity. His wife has a great smile, dark blondish brown hair, is average weight, and looks fairly attractive. ...
The TV host Sean Hannity's wife is Jill Rhodes Hannity. They have been married since 1993 and as of 2012, they have two children. ...
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