Is Sears going out of business?


No, Sears is not going out of business. But like many businesses they're facing restructuring and layoffs to become competitive in the market once again.
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Answer In 1980, Sears, Roebuck and Co. announced the formation of a corporate office and plans for major restructuring. This resulted in renaming the retail business the Sears Merchandise
There is no list or news about any Sears stores closing in
1. Notify the Michigan Department of Treasury that you are closing your business. Fill out state of Michigan Form 163: Notice of Change or Discontinuance. Mail it to the address on
I'll be frank with you. I use to buy always from Sears. About 15 years ago or so I bought a masonry bit and a riding lawn mower. The bit crumble immediately upon use and the mower
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Sears has been rumored to be going out of business for years. It is unclear if and when the business will end. If is known that they are suffering from hard economic times and have closed stores and made other cuts.
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