Is silver magnetic?


In its natural state, silver is not magnetic; its atoms have paired electrons that spin in opposite directions, thus causing their magnetic fields to be canceled out, making silver a diamagnetic material.

However, by the effect known as Faraday's law of magnetic induction, all materials are affected by external magnetic fields to some extent, and materials classified as diamagnetic (copper, silver and gold, among others) are slightly repelled by external magnetic fields. Temporary magnetic properties are reverted, once an external field is removed, but according to scientists from the University of the Basque Country, it is possible to turn intrinsically nonmagnetic metals, such as silver, into permanent magnets by means of a controlled process.

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1. Place the silver on a flat and clean surface to ensure no residual particles tarnish the metal or your results. 2. Pass the magnet very slowly and very carefully above the metal,
For the same reason that copper pipes and aluminum foil are not magnetic - silver is not a ferrous metal and has only very weak magnetic properties.
If the silverware is magnetized, it could be caused by the friction...
This question appears to be about the induced currents that a moving magnetic field can generate in a conductor . all metallic conductors, not just silver. The moving magnetic field
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