How safe is skydiving?


In my opinion, it's not safe at all. The best thing to do would be to go to a professional instructor for training if this is something you'd like to take a splat, I mean whack at. For more information see here:
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1. Safety education is gained through ground training classes called the First-Jump Course that is taught by a U.S.P.A. rated jumpmaster. Check with your nearby airports for drop
There have been many influential figures who helped to create the sport of skydiving, some of them helped to create the first balloons and aircraft, some of them helped to create
Skydiving is actually one of the safest so-called "extreme" sports. Out of 2 million jumpers a
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1. Understand the risks and requirements. Although improvements in modern skydiving equipment have made the sport very safe, skydiving comes with inherent risks. ...
Skydiving is a very safe sport but there are some dangers associated with it which are equipment failure, working with unknown equipments, medical risks, landing ...
Skydiving is an action sport where one exits an aircraft, and return to earth with the help of gravity using a parachute. To skydive, you should first take the ...
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