Is Skype Safe?


Skype can be very dangerous, but can also be completely safe if used properly. Some will specifically not use video chat because they feel it is unsafe for themselves or their children.
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If you're calling another Skype user in Scotland and you're in Los Angeles, there is no charge because you're not using the telephone system-you're using the Internet. Tom Newton,
1. Don't post personal information in your Skype profile (e. g. email address, birthday, phone numbers, location or full name. Ad. 2. Never reply to any instant messages or contact,
Be sure that there is nothing you are showing that you won't mind that person having if you split up. You may think you are flashing something, when a printscreen is all that's needed
Skype is a software application that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet.
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How Safe Is Skype?
Skype is a popular VoIP (Voice over Internet) provider that enables customers to connect to each other via the Internet, using their broadband connection and a touchtone telephone. As it has grown in scope, there have been questions raised about how... More »
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Yes, it is safe and it has a voIP which is also good to put your security such as password.
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