Is Snoop Dogg Bow Wow's uncle?


No, Snoop Dogg is now Lil' Bow Wow's uncle. Snoop, however, has played an instrumental role in launching Bow Wow's rap career. In fact, Bow Wow has always looked up to Snoop as a role model and inspiration in the industry.
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Snoop Dogg often raps about Bow Wow being his nephew, but he calls everyone his nephew. They have no real relation
No, they are not related. At 6 he met star rapper Snoop Dogg who gave his
The REAL answer is that Snoop Dogg wanted people to stop using the N word so much so he started using the word nephew instead. So he's called uncle in return.
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No, Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow are not related at all. Snoop Dogg did, however, help start Bow Wow's career by giving him the moniker and hooking him up with Dr. Dre's label.
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