Is Sonya Isaacs divorced?


As of April 2014, Sonya Isaacs is not divorced. She has been married to Jimmy Yeary since Dec. 20, 2009. Their son, Ayden James Yeary, was born on July 26, 2011.

Sonya performs with her family's bluegrass and country gospel music group, The Isaacs. The group includes her mother Lily, her brother Ben and her sister Rebecca. Her husband Jimmy joined the band in 2011.

Sonya and Jimmy married after only a few months of dating; their relationship inspired the Rascal Flatts hit song "Why Wait," co-written by Jimmy with Neil Thrasher and Tom Shapiro. They decided to get married after three months, according to Jimmy, because "we didn't want people thinking we were completely crazy for [getting married] after one or two months."

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